How a visitor parking policy can increase apartment complex security

March 15, 2023

Explore the advantages of implementing a visitor parking policy at your investment properties

One of the more important amenities provided in an apartment complex is an adequate parking system. Parking rules and regulations can often cause conflict between tenants and landlords, so it’s important for landlords or property managers to enforce a fair and clear policy to avoid miscommunication. 

Continue reading to explore the advantages of a visitor parking policy and how it can increase your apartment complex’s security. 

What are the advantages of enforcing visitor parking policies?  

Visitor parking overcrowding is a major concern for both property managers and residents. Visitors within residential areas usually present parking congestion for apartment complexes with inadequate parking spaces.

As part of your parking system, you should include policies both for tenants and visitors to eliminate confusion and improve security measures. Visitor parking policies allow for your property’s security to distinguish between a visitor and a person of potential threat.

Utilizing a visitor parking policy allows for property managers and security to enforce rules and regulations about who is coming and going from your complex. This will allow for the stress of limited parking to be dissipated and make parking available for everyone, especially tenants. 

Optimizing visitor parking through restrictions during peak times is key to getting the most out of such policies. This allows residents to find convenient visitor parking near their homes and improves general complex safety. 

How can property managers or landlords enforce visitor parking policies? 

An effective parking management strategy allows residents convenient parking, improves their quality of life, and allows them to consistently find sufficient parking near their homes at all times of day. 

Some of the best ways to enforce visitor parking policies include: 

  • Clear signage: Many visitors, as well as residents, may be unaware of your towing or ticketing policy with unauthorized vehicles. Implying a warning system with signage may alleviate some of this confusion. 
  • Digital parking reservation system: Installing a digital program for your apartment building will enable people to view their parking pass status, change their information, and book visitor parking spots ahead of time. 
  • Vehicle booting: Many times, repetitive parking policy violators become a problem for owners. A simple solution to this problem is booting the vehicle. This allows for you to be cost effective, compared to towing, while enforcing the visitor parking policies.

What are some examples of visitor parking sample clauses to include in my lease agreements? 

  1. In addition to such parking spaces for use by Tenants, Landlords shall permit access to the parking areas for Tenant’s visitors, subject to availability of spaces. [1]
  2. Parking in spaces designated as “visitor” parking is temporary parking available on a first come, first served basis. No overnight parking is permitted in a “visitor” parking space. [1]
  3. Visitor parking is not available at units with paid, permitted parking lots. LANDLORD is not responsible for coordinating parking of any visitors. [1]

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