What to know about move-in and move-out inspections

December 15, 2021

Learn what tenants and landlords can expect from these inspections

Rental property inspections often happen when a tenant is moving in or moving out of a unit. A move-in and move-out inspection looks at the state of the rental unit and notes any damages or needed repairs. 

Move in and move out inspections benefit both the landlord and the tenant as they hold everyone accountable for the damages and the maintenance the unit may need. 

Continue reading to learn more about these inspections and why they’re important. 

What is a move-in inspection? 

Prior to a tenant moving in, both landlords (or property managers) and tenants should perform a move-in inspection. These inspections create a record of the state of the rental property as the tenant received it. 

Both tenants and landlords should take note of any existing wear and tear that the previous tenant may have caused. It’s also a good idea to take pictures along with notes of the damages, that way there is a written and visual record. Some important things to look for in a move-in inspection include previous damages, broken appliances, and working fire and security alarms. 

What is a move-out inspection?

When a tenant’s lease is over and they are moving out of a rental unit, landlords (or property managers) will schedule a move-out inspection with the tenant where they will walk through the unit looking for any new damages or unapproved changes. 

While tenants are not required to be present at move-out inspections, it’s usually a good idea that they are. When tenants are not present, it becomes a case of one person’s word against another. Ideally, a move-out inspection should be a streamlined and efficient process where everyone is in agreement at the end.

Landlords (or property managers) will have the move-in inspection form with them, so that they can compare the condition of the unit prior to move-in with its current state. This allows both the landlord and tenant to be sure which damages were caused during the current tenant’s lease. 

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Why are move-in and move-out inspections important?

Both tenants and landlords benefit from move-inspections. They allow landlords to have an accurate idea of what damages were already there before their current tenant moved in. Tenants can also ensure that they can receive their security deposit back, as they have an accurate record of pre-existing damages, if any.  

Move-out inspections are important for landlords who want to repair appliances and recover the cost of damages. These inspections are also important for tenants, so that they can have an accurate idea of what damages they will be charged for. 

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