Four easy rental-friendly apartment upgrades for your new space

March 23, 2023

Explore the best ways to simply personalize your rental property

Moving into a rental from a property you owned may seem limiting at first, but living in a rental shouldn’t stop you from making the space your own.

Whatever your landlord’s requirements, there are a multitude of rental-friendly personalization options you can do to enhance your rental living. 

Continue reading to explore four rental-friendly ways you can transform a rental into your home.

#1: Revamp your lampshades  

Outdated lamp shades can greatly contribute to a dull feeling in your rental property. Luckily, this is an easy fix! 

Swap out the outdated lamp shades with something that is more your style. Just make sure to store and reattach the original lampshades before moving out.

#2: Power of plants 

If you’re hoping to add a homey feeling to your rental property, adding a few plants around the house could be just the right solution. Adding real plants will help improve and personalize your space while being a low-cost upgrade.

House plants are also an effective and visually appealing way to clean and oxygenate indoor air.   

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#3: Bathroom accessory upgrade 

One change that can make a huge difference in rental apartments, but is often overlooked, is getting new bathroom accessories such as towel rings/racks, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders. 

Upgrading your bathroom accessories can completely transform your space. A bonus with this feature is that when you’re ready to move out, you simply put back the old accessories and take yours to your new home!

#4: Paint the walls

Choose a color that feels right for you and your space and paint your walls! Adding something as simple as a colorful accent wall like in the picture above can completely transform your space. 

The beauty of painting is that it is reversible. Most landlords allow walls to be painted in a rental, as long as it is painted back to its original color before you leave. It is rare that landlords say you cannot paint walls, but always ask your landlord or property manager before making this decision. 

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