The importance of marketing your rental property

February 22, 2022

Learn how to promote your property to prospective tenants 

As a property owner, you know that unit vacancies happen, and that finding a new quality tenant as soon as possible is critical. Knowing how to market your property in a way that attracts tenants is a crucial part to your property’s success.

Marketing your property by taking high-quality photos and videos and listing the unit on a variety of websites and platforms, like social media, will help get your property seen faster so that you can continue to enjoy your rental property’s success and profits. 

Continue reading to learn why marketing your property is important and how to showcase your property in the best possible way.

Why is marketing your rental property important?

When one of your rental units is vacant, you are potentially losing income so it is important to promote your rental even before it becomes tenantless. A strong marketing strategy is critical when it comes to showcasing your rental property to prospective tenants. 

Make sure to always have high-quality photos and videos so that you can start listing your property online as soon as your tenant gives you notice that they are vacating your rental. It’s also important to create a detailed description of the unit and its features. You’ll want your online listings to be as detailed as possible, so that the prospective renters who reach out know that the unit has everything they’re looking for.

Once a tenant has moved out, you should focus on ensuring the unit is in the best shape possible, so that means doing any repairs, painting, and getting it professionally cleaned. If the unit becomes vacant, you should consider doing any renovations or updates. While renovations are not necessary, they can help you rent out your property sooner and at a higher rate. 

How to market your rental property

Knowing how to best showcase your property is critical. You should first consider any unique features that the unit has that could appeal to tenants, such as a large balcony or a newly-renovated kitchen. 

Once you determine what features to highlight, ensure to include them in the photos and in the description. If your property has amenities, you should also include photos of those, such as the clubhouse, fitness center, or pool. Many renters want these amenities in their community and including photos of them will help you rent out your property faster. 

High-quality photos are the key to effectively marketing your property. Take high-quality and detailed pictures of each room and area inside the unit. It’s also a good idea to include a couple of pictures of the exterior of the unit. Curb appeal has a huge impact on a prospective tenant’s decision to rent a unit. 

Virtual tours can also greatly increase a unit’s appeal. Tenants only want to tour a property if they know there’s a possibility they would want to live there. Including a virtual tour allows renters to get a better feel of the unit before they reach out for a tour or to sign the lease. This will help you only get tenants who are serious about renting your property. Virtual tours are also great for appealing to long-distance renters who may not be able to visit in-person before their move. 

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How can a local property management company help market my property?

Many property management companies will take over the responsibility of marketing your rental property. Having a property management company market your property can help you find a quality tenant for your unit even sooner. Property management companies bring their strong reputation that many tenants and property listing websites know and trust. 

A property manager will also know exactly how to showcase your property in the best possible way. Many property management companies partner with rental property websites that renters are visiting everyday while trying to find their new home. This guarantees your property will be seen and appeal to many prospective tenants. 

Not only will property management companies handle all of the marketing, they often are responsible for giving tours of the property and screening prospective tenants. An experienced property manager will have years of experience scheduling viewings and showing properties to prospective tenants. They know how to highlight the key selling points of your property, so you can find a quality tenant quicker than ever.

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