Five ways to use property management technology to attract tenants

October 21, 2022

Learn how the right rental property software can increase your property’s appeal

Attracting quality tenants is one of the key ways you can ensure your rental property’s success. 

Continue reading to learn how you can use property management technology to attract quality tenants and streamline your daily operations. 


#1: Virtual tours, pictures and floor plans 

A great way to attract tenants is to include vacant units’ floor plans, pictures and virtual tours online so that tenants can easily see whether your unit fits their needs. 

Without a floor plan, pictures or virtual tour, prospective tenants may never contact you about your available units or they may schedule you only to find out the unit does not meet their wants. 

Virtual tours, pictures and floor plans are also a great way to attract tenants that are looking to relocate to your property’s city. Many long-distance renters will not get the chance to visit a property before moving in, and it’s important they have the most accurate information about the unit as possible. 


#2: Maintenance requests 

Property owners and tenants can use property management technology to submit, track, and review service requests. An online record of all requested services will also hold both you and your tenants responsible and help to avoid any legal issues. 

Online maintenance requests allow tenants to submit service requests at any time as well as add any photos or videos that can help your maintenance team have an idea of the issue before going to their residence.


#3: Rent payments 

83% of renters prefer to pay rent online and you may be missing out on quality tenants if you do not offer this feature. [1] Online rent payment software allows your tenants to pay their monthly rent from anywhere, at any time. Virtual payments offer both tenants and owners an easy and convenient way to have a record of all payments. 

Tenants can also set up auto-pay so that they don’t suffer any late fees and you are able to receive your payments on time every month.

Online payments are more convenient for owners as well. Many property owners in Orlando and region do not live near their investment properties and in order to collect rent they would need to visit the property at least once a month.


#4: Virtual lease documents

Rental property software allows you and your tenants to have easy access to all lease documents. This allows your tenants to quickly and easily review the terms of their release to ensure they are in compliance. 

Online leasing also makes it easier for both you and your tenants to renew their lease. All you need to do is add the new lease with the new dates and any updates for them to virtually sign. 


#5: Messaging and online community board

Many property management software tools allow tenants to message each other or send mass messages to everyone in the community. This is a great way for neighbors to get to know each other. 

Property managers and property owners can also post about any announcement, such as events or office hours and ensure that each tenant receives the message. Tenants can also easily communicate with you. Also, online messaging will allow your tenants to respond to your messages faster as it takes people 90 minutes on average to reply to an email, but only 90 seconds on average to reply to a text. [2]


Looking for an Orlando property management company for your rental property? 

At Rental Heroes, we are property investors, just like you! We understand what’s most important—a well-managed property that generates a steady, reliable source of income. Our local knowledge of Orlando and surroundings helps us to proudly manage hundreds of units across Central Florida, and we’re committed to doing everything to keep your tenants happy by handling maintenance requests quickly and responding to potential tenant issues. 

Our property management services include: 

  • Marketing and showing your property
  • Tenant screening
  • Leasing
  • Property maintenance and repair
  • Tenant evictions
  • Rent collection and remittance
  • Property inspections
  • Monthly financial statements, and
  • Expert advice on how to maximize your return on investment
  • Manage relationship with HOA
  • Prepare rental units for new tenants.


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