What responsibilities to outsource as a property owner

November 30, 2021

Learn about the specific duties you can contract out so you can enjoy the benefits of ownerships without the burdens

Owning and managing a property comes with many responsibilities and tasks which can be very daunting for property owners to complete alone. 

As a property owner, determining which responsibilities to outsource can save you a lot of time, allowing you to solely focus on reaping the benefits of your investment. 

Continue reading to learn what responsibilities you can outsource, plus how we can help as your trusted Orlando property management company. 

#1: Property management 

The responsibilities that come with managing your property is one of the most time-consuming tasks for many real estate investors. Outsourcing your property management will free up a lot of your time, allowing you to fully enjoy your investment. 

Many quality property management companies will handle many of the aspects listed below and more! Hiring a property management company that provides great service to your tenants and also works to help you achieve your investment goals is the key to making the most of your investment property.

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#2: Property showings 

Showing vacant rental units to potential tenants can be a time-consuming task for a property owner to do alone, especially since you may have to show units many times before finding a tenant.

Luckily, there are various solutions that property owners can use to delegate this task such as allowing a property manager to take over showings.

Realtors also often partner with property management companies that are skilled and experienced in property showings. They will know how to best highlight the key selling points of your property, so you can find a quality tenant in the least amount of time.

#3: Marketing 

As an owner, you understand that quality marketing tools and strategies can increase your rental property’s presence and help it rent faster, but you might lack the marketing expertise needed to effectively run a campaign. 

Many property management companies will market your property as a part of their services, making it another great responsibility to outsource.

The right management partner will feature your investment property’s available units on multiple high-traffic rental property websites with professional, high-quality pictures and a virtual tour. 

#4: Tenant screenings 

Tenant screenings are an incredibly important step to renting out your property’s units, but you must understand how to read the information on credit reports, background checks, and other screening information correctly for them to be effective. 

That’s why outsourcing your tenant screenings is another important responsibility to consider delegating. As a property owner, you want to have trustworthy tenants who will respect your property, so entrusting experts to conduct the screenings will be beneficial. 

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#5: Maintenance 

While there may be some basic household tasks you’re able to do yourself, it’s best to outsource an experienced and reliable maintenance team to handle plumbing, electrical work, and other maintenance requests on your property, so that you can use your time more efficiently. 

An excellent maintenance team is also critical to ensuring your property is in the best possible condition so that your quality tenants will remain happy and stay around for longer.

#6: Leasing and rent collection

As a property owner, outsourcing leasing and rent collection to a property management company is essential to saving you time and money on your investment. 

A property management company will ensure a proper lease that is signed by both parties and outlines rules and expectations, such as who is in charge of certain damages and rent due dates. 

They’ll also understand that timely rent payments will help you keep your investment on track, and likely utilize an electronic rent collection service as an easy way to collect and deposit your tenant’s rent money. 

Looking for a property management company for your Orlando rental property? 

We understand how challenging it can be to manage your property yourself, and how hard it can be to find a trusted property management company who will take care of your investment.

At Rental Heroes, we’re property investors just like you! We understand what’s most important: a well-managed property that keeps tenants happy and generates a steady, reliable source of income.

Our complete property management services include: 

  • Marketing your property
  • Property showings
  • Tenant screening
  • Property leasing
  • Property maintenance & repair
  • Rent collection & remittance
  • Detailed property inspections
  • Tenant evictions
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Investor advice

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