What to do before moving into a new apartment

June 14, 2021

Learn our top tips on how to prepare for your move

Moving into a new apartment is a very exciting time. However, without proper preparation, it can become a stressful and frustrating experience. 

There are important steps you can take to prepare for your move before you even begin packing your belongings to set yourself up for success. 

Continue reading to learn what you should do before moving into your new apartment for the most successful move possible. 


Change your address

It’s important that you notify the right places and people about your move and give them your new address before moving into a new apartment. 

Notifying USPS about your change of address will allow mail sent to your old address to be forwarded to your new one for 12 months. You can easily fill out the change of address form online and set a forward date when you’d like your mail to start going to your new address. 

Ensure that you notify your bank, credit card company, insurance providers, tax agencies, as well as your friends and family about your new address.


Set up utilities and internet 

Your lease agreement will state which utilities are your responsibility which usually includes cable, internet, electricity, and water. 

Contact your local utility service providers at least a few weeks before your move-in date and schedule for them to be set up on your move-in date or even the day before if possible. 


Take measurements 

Measuring your furniture and the dimensions of your new apartment is important to make move-in day go smoothly. Measurements will help you know what size moving truck you’ll need and allow you to get a better idea of what furniture will fit in each room of your new apartment. 


Purchase renters insurance

Many landlords require renters insurance, even if yours does not, it’s a good idea to purchase a renters insurance policy to insure your belongings in the case of disaster. If you already have renters insurance for your current apartment, you can contact your provider and update your plan with your new address and the date you’ll be moving into a new apartment.

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Purchase cleaning supplies

Before you start to unpack your belongings and move your furniture inside, it’s a good idea to give the apartment a good cleaning. Vacuum the floors and wipe down all countertops, kitchen and bathroom cabinets to have a nice and clean foundation for your belongings. 


Hire a moving company, if necessary 

Professional movers can help make the moving process easier for you. Consider how much you have to move, how long it will take, and the cost of the movers to decide if it’s worth it in your situation. 


Explore your neighborhood

Once you’ve unpacked, get out and explore your new local shops and restaurants. Find nearby grocery stores, parks, libraries, pharmacies and schools to make the moving experience even more fun! 


Is this your first apartment? Here are additional moving tips to consider: 

  • Purchase furniture. Start searching and ordering furniture that you’ll need, such as a mattress, bed frame, and washer and dryer, if necessary. After your move, you can focus on other furniture you may not immediately need, such as a kitchen table and chairs, couch, and TV stand. 


  • Gather your essentials. Purchase all bathroom and kitchen essentials you will need before your move, so you can be as comfortable as possible after your move when unpacking. 


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