How to prepare your rental properties for hurricane season in Florida

June 30, 2021

Explore our best tips for how to protect your investment properties during a catastrophic weather event

As of June 1, the Atlantic hurricane season in Florida has begun. Florida’s hurricane season lasts until November, with September being the most active month for hurricane activity. [1]

As the season continues to progress, it’s important to prepare your rental properties and keep tenants informed of storm updates to help avoid disaster. 

It’s best to be proactive in your preparations by starting at the beginning of the season or as soon as you can to keep your investment properties safe during hurricane season in Florida. 

Continue reading to learn our top tips on how to prepare your rental properties and tenants for hurricane season in Florida.


Take an inventory

Each year, before hurricane season in Florida begins, make an inventory of all your belongings, their value, and their condition to help you have a more accurate idea of any damage costs and proof of ownership in the event of a disaster. 

Make sure maintenance and repair providers are up to date and that you have all the required certifications on file. Once the storm passes, your residents will expect any damages to be fixed in a timely manner and knowing who to contact will help speed up this process. 

It’s also important to have an inventory of all current tenants with updated contact information, the number of people (and pets) in each unit, and emergency contacts for all residents. 


Prepare the property/buildings

If there is time before the storm, check around your property for any damages or areas that a hurricane could worsen, such as gaps in door and window seals, cracks in gutters and siding, or roof damage. 

Try to get as much of the damages repaired as possible before the storm to avoid having more repairs than necessary when the storm passes. 

It’s also important to prepare the buildings and property to best protect against damages. Bring any outdoor furniture inside — or properly secure it if it cannot fit inside — remove any window AC units, and install hurricane shutters if necessary. 


Inform and prepare tenants 

Keeping your tenants informed about storm progressions and providing them with advice on how to prepare for impact is crucial. 

Share any preparation resources from reputable sources, such as the National Hurricane Center, and information on local hurricane shelters with your tenants to help them prepare and make a plan. It’s also important to remind them that water and electricity may be shut off during the storm, and they could be without these for a few days so they should stock up. 


Create a recovery plan 

When the storm has passed and it is safe to do so, inspect the property and look for any damages or mechanical failures caused by the storm. Create a written report with any photos or videos of these damages.

Inform your tenants on the status of the property and if there are any dangers or concerns they should be aware of. 

Lastly, look back on your hurricane preparations and figure out what worked and what didn’t, so that you can better prepare the next time a storm is headed your way. 


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