5 easy DIY holiday decor ideas for your rental

December 1, 2020

Rental-friendly ways to spruce up your space

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you’re renting an apartment, condominium, or townhome, one thing is for sure: decorating it will help it feel like home. 

Here are 5 rental-friendly DIY holiday decor ideas to spruce up your space. 




DIY holiday decor

Hang a wreath or garland 

Festive wreaths and garlands are a great, simple way to decorate your rental––without going overboard. Hang them on your doors and walls, banisters, or fireplace mantles to add some festive flare to the common areas.


DIY holiday decor

Decorate your shelves and tables 

If hanging items up isn’t permitted in your rental, decorate the tops of your shelves and tables instead. Some rentals may require you to patch up holes before you leave––this option is damage-free! 


DIY holiday decor

Use holiday scented candles or essential oils 

Whether you love the fresh scent of pine or a cozy vanilla cookie, there’s sure to be a holiday candle or essential oil combination that will fill your home with delicious seasonal scents.


DIY holiday decor

Hang string lights 

String lights are a subtle way to add a festive feel to your rental. Choose colorful lights for a more seasonal look or go with white lights and keep them up year-round.


DIY holiday decor

Incorporate a floral arrangement 

Festive floral arrangements are an easy decor solution. Enjoy these beautiful arrangements all season long without the effort that putting up and taking down decorations requires. 


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