5 ways to make the most of your rental balcony

September 2, 2020

How to create a balcony you love

Your rental balcony is an extension of your home––all the more reason to invest in creating a balcony you love! 

Continue reading to learn our top tips for making the most of your rental balcony. 




rental balcony

#1: Optimize your square footage 

Whether your balcony is small or large, the way you decorate and stage it impacts how you use the space. 

Here are our top decor hacks to help you maximize your square footage: 

  • Decorate the outside of your balcony
  • Invest in a vertical shelving unit
  • Hang plants or decor from the ceiling or walls.

If your rental balcony is on the smaller side, consider purchasing some foldable furniture that you can easily put away. This will enable you to have more space on your balcony when you’re not using it.


rental balcony

#2: Arrange it to reflect your lifestyle 

Making your rental balcony feel like an extension of your home is key to getting the most out of it. 

Some key decorative elements to include are: 

  • Real or fake plants
  • Artwork or photographs 
  • Comfortable or trendy furniture 
  • String lights, lamps, or other outdoor lighting fixtures 
  • Outdoor area rugs.

If you love to host, ensure that there is plenty of seating and furniture to accommodate your guests. The key is to decorate your balcony with the things you love! 


rental balcony

#3: Add functional furniture

A great way to save space? Functional furniture! 

Invest in a coffee table or seating that has storage space underneath it or is designed to double as a storage unit.

A vertical shelving unit is also a functional yet decorative way to store your necessities and trinkets.


rental balcony

#4: Install a privacy screen  

If you’re looking for more privacy, shade, a decorative element, or all of the above, then a privacy screen is your answer.

You can make your own or purchase a premade privacy screen made of weatherproof fabrics, wood, metal, and more.

Privacy screens come in all shapes, sizes, and styles––making it easy to turn your rental balcony into the oasis of your dreams!


rental balcony

#5: Use your balcony for storage 

If you’re not a big fan of spending your time outdoors you can still use the extra outdoor space to your advantage!

Your rental balcony is the perfect spot to store larger items such as bicycles, surf boards, camping gear, and other outdoor equipment that you may not want to store inside.


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If in doubt, check before you decorate

While restrictions will vary between properties, your rental lease agreement should outline exactly how extensive your rental balcony modifications or decor can be. 

Always check with your landlord or property management company before modifying any part of your rental unit or you could run the risk of being charged a fee or losing your security deposit. 

We hope these tips will help you make the most of your rental balcony! Visit our blog and keep up with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest tips for tenants.


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