Why transparency in property management pricing matters

July 12, 2020

Learn why pricing transparency is key when choosing a property management company


Don’t like the sound of hidden fees or cancellation penalties? We don’t either! When it comes to property management pricing, transparency matters. 

Continue reading as we discuss some key reasons why openness in property management pricing is essential for the long-term success of your investment. 


What hidden fees do some property management companies charge? 

It’s important to note that not all property management pricing structures are the same. While some companies charge a flat fee, others may charge for certain services separately. 


  • Management fees

Most property managers charge a monthly management fee that’s calculated as a percentage of your rental income, using either the “rent due” or “rent collected” amount. 

Rent due is calculated based on the amount of money a tenant pays to rent your property––regardless of whether or not it’s vacant. 

Rent collected is calculated based on how much rent you actually collected. This option helps property owners avoid paying for the management of vacant units.


  • Initiation 

This is a fee charged to initiate your contract with a new company.


  • Leasing 

This usually includes property showings, tenant screenings, and creating the leasing contract. 


  • Marketing

Marketing your property online with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and listing them on high-traffic channels are ways that a property management company can help keep your property occupied. 


  • Cancellation penalties 

If you choose to terminate your contract early, you could be charged a fee. 


How to find transparency in property management pricing

When choosing a property management company, trust and reliability are fundamental. You should never feel like you’re being hassled, haggled, or cheated by them. 

Before hiring a property management company, ask them to explain their pricing structure. If it’s complicated or confusing, they may be trying to disguise some hidden fees.

Look instead for a property management company with a simple, easy to understand pricing model that offers peace of mind. 


Our approach to property management pricing

At Rental Heroes, we are committed to being completely transparent, open and honest about our property management pricing. That way, there are no surprises! 

We charge only 2 fees: a leasing commission and a monthly management fee.

We won’t charge you anything while your unit is vacant, and there’s no termination fee if you choose to cancel. 

As a local, experienced property management company, we are proud to serve investors with properties across the Greater Orlando area. 

If you own one or multiple rental properties in Central Florida, entrust us to manage your assets and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from choosing an honest, reliable team that can help you achieve your real estate investment goals.


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