Top 4 value-add smart apartment technology devices

October 29, 2021

Explore the benefits of rental property smart home technology

As a property owner, it’s important to stay up to date on all of the essentials needed for your rentals. What’s the best way to do that? Look into installing smart apartment technology on your rental properties. 

Not only will most of these devices save you the trip to your rentals when they are occupied, but also allow you to feel at ease about keeping them in the best shape. Smart home devices will also diversify your properties from others and essentially add value to your assets. Over 75% of renters said they would pay more in rent for a package of smart home devices, and more than half said they’d be willing to pay over $20 more each month. [1]

Here are some types of smart devices you should add to your rental properties: 

#1: Smart Security

Securing your property has never been easier with the many different kinds of smart security technology out there. Security cameras and smart doorbells are just a few things that can be altered for protecting your investment. 

Your tenants want to feel safe in their rental and you want to ensure that for them. Adding a smart device will protect your property from break-ins and keep you aware of any unusual activity happening on the premises. 

Transitioning from one tenant to another can also be made easier through smart locks as they can be changed remotely and as frequently as you need. This saves you time and money compared to hiring a locksmith to change the locks every time someone moves out. Smart security will keep you and your tenants’ minds at ease.  

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#2: HVAC Systems

Monitoring the temperature in your rental properties has never been more effortless. Smart thermostats allow property managers and tenants to control the temperature through wireless capabilities.

For example, some smart thermostats allow for options of scheduling different temperatures during different hours of the day, long trips away from home, or even times of the year. 

These control settings set by the tenant currently occupying, or the property manager when the rental is empty, can help save energy and lower costs. 

#3: Utility Monitoring

Along with lowering costs for HVAC systems, smart devices can also monitor other aspects to the utility bill as well. There are many different smart apartment technologies that can help property managers keep up maintenance. 

Data that is collected by these installed smart sensors can tell property managers when there is a leak in a water pipe or how much electricity is being used daily in real time. Being able to track utility use in the present time can help with costs and sustainability. 

Smart utility monitoring can be a great incentive for brokers and realtors to use when renting their properties to tenants. As more and more people look into watching their own energy consumption, smart devices can help with easy observation. 

#4: User Interfaces

A user interface makes home automation possible with just using a single device or having one application accessible from wherever you need. With all of these smart home devices, it can get pretty cluttered having to keep track of different sources for each system. 

User interfaces can simplify all of your monitoring to a single place. This can vary depending on the system you choose but some offer the ability to control everything from your smartphone or from a single touchpad inside your home. 

Linking your smart home devices to a user interface can ensure an easy and quick observation of everything at your fingertips. 

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