3 common tenant issues, and how we help you solve them

January 15, 2021

Learn some of the most common tenant issues, and how to handle them with Rental Heroes by your side

When you’re a property owner, keeping your tenants happy should be your number one priority.

Handling tenant requests, issues, and complaints quickly and efficiently can go a long way for the success of your investment. After all, happy tenants are less likely to move out—and more likely to become quality long-term renters.

With the right property management company by your side to handle everything your tenants need, you can simply relax and enjoy the benefits of a well-managed property that generates a steady, reliable source of income.

This is where Rental Heroes comes in! Our team of experienced property managers works to keep your tenants happy and your property running smoothly. 

Continue reading as we discuss some of the most common tenant issues, and how we solve them for you. 


Maintenance problems 

Maintenance issues are one of the most common tenant issues. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to handle and delegate all maintenance requests. Also, it’s important that maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner to keep your tenants happy.

An easy way to avoid confusion is to include in the lease instructions on how to request maintenance services, expected response time, and what to do in case of emergency. An efficient way to keep track of all maintenance requests is to use an online system. This way there is a record of all the maintenance issues in case of a future dispute.

With Rental Heroes, your tenants are able to conveniently submit and track all maintenance requests using our Tenant Portal. As an owner, you can login to the dedicated Owner Portal at any time to view the status of any maintenance work for your property or properties.


Lack of communication

Your tenants don’t want to live somewhere where they feel ignored and that their concerns are unimportant. As an owner, it’s important that you establish a reliable means of communication with your tenants before they move in, whether that’s through email, text, or phone calls. 

Rental Heroes can help you with this! We offer a variety of communication methods for tenants, including the Tenant Portal, email, phone, and text. And if you have questions, you will always be able to send a message to us at any time through your Owner Portal account. In addition, we are always here to answer your phone calls during regular business hours. 


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Pest infestations

No one wants their home infested with pests, and if it is not dealt with in a timely manner your tenants will be very unhappy! A pest infestation is one of the most serious tenant issues that needs immediate attention. You may also consider taking preventative measures against pests and have your property treated periodically. 

With Rental Heroes, you can rest easy! We take pest problems very seriously, understanding that they can pose serious health hazards to your tenants and can damage your property. Once we’re notified, we will immediately assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action to protect your tenants and your investment.


Choose the right partner in property management

Owning and running a rental property is a very involved process and can be very overwhelming. With Rental Heroes by your side, you can avoid these common tenant issues and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from choosing an experienced, reliable team with the local knowledge to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.


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